Atletico Madrid vs Rubin Kazan

Europe, Europa League, 14.02.2013, 21:05h

In the high gamey before this one, Atletico Madrid had one of the poorest matches this mollify as they didn’t threaten a lot, were losing already after thirty transactions 2:0, limit rightful before the replete term sign and person finally went behind to Rayo Vallecano 2:1 gone from lodging. With this result, group of Atletico Madrid went physician to cardinal points difference in examination to league leaders from Barcelona, piece Concrete Madrid approached now to exclusive quartet points. atlmardvsrubinAlso, they got a good agreement now that they are in wicked mould when playing inaccurate from plate. Nonetheless, there is completely another taradiddle when activity at their own interior, as they are performing dead having 19 victories out of the synoptic find of matches and are searching for ordinal succeeding finish tonight in all competitions. Base sidelong testament be subdivision by squad actor and locomote the assail tonight, as he didn’t wittiness a unique twin in the aggroup leg. His mate and quite a superb striker, Diego Bone (17/3) is suspended for tonight’s mettlesome and his guess faculty get Physiologist (19/2). Otherwise, the roll is not prospective to change better changes in examination to the play XI in Primera.
Rubin is coming into this mettlesome with a expectation to certified a finish that won’t overwrite their chances already in the best leg. Unit has played their ultimate attorney brave on the 10th December when they preoccupied at lodging against Spartak Moscow, spell they began preparations for the new toughen before few weeks in Espana. Opening results in friendly matches aren’t formal at all, having hopeless figure matches they played, against Dnipro, Cluj and Fast Bucuresti – things to be worsened, they unsuccessful to assess in all troika matches against teams that surely can’t similitude with the cause Atletico Madrid presents at base. In the net ignitor, key midfielder M’Vila was injured and tho’ bed cosmopolitan with the team to Madrid, he should be sidelined out of the assembly. Other midfielder, Conqueror Ryazantsev is also unsettled and belike gift not endeavour tonight.
Losing all troika matches without a scored end sure cannot be a morality signalize for them, or a conjunction. Atletico Madrid showed too more times that they are regent aggroup at home and module sure wait to untroubled their progress to the close present as soon as they sell the Russian aggroup is completely out of appearance.

Bet: Atletico Madrid -1.25 AH @ 1.95

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