Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid

UEFA Champions League, 24.04.2013, 20:45h

Real Madrid is making a great season overall and if it was not the really bad first month and a half in La Liga, when they lost the title, giving an eight points advantage to Barcelona after just 5-6 rounds, they could have easily be fighting for a treble right now. borussia-realThe team is playing a great mix of aggressive, positioning and counter attacking football and can play on at least three different styles, which allows them pretty easily to adapt to almost every opponent and try to play the opposite of their games. They have showed that against Barcelona several times this season, where they used the counter attacking style and the man marking, when in not just one or two occations Messi was really well thrown out of the game not by accident. Also against Manchester United they showed their other style, keeping the possesion of the ball and attacking, as they should have adapt to this style, because United plays exactly the counter attacking style. Actually this season for me this is the big advantage of both Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in Europe and I think this is the main reason why we most probably gonna see them in the final. Bayern also showed that they can play on several different styles, but this is another topic. So, I think that tonight we will see the counter attacking Real Madrid and in this version of their play they can be a killing machine, as with players like Ozil, who can pass the ball wherever he wants and with a fast players like Ronaldo and Di Maria on the wings, it can be pretty ugly for the home side. Watch goals at As I was saying before the game against Malaga, Borussia have great and really talented squad, but for me they are still unexperienced and we saw that even against Malaga they were pretty close from elimination, so what to say about Real Madrid. They miss a lot of chances in front of the goal and if they somehow managed to escape against Malaga even because of this tons of missed chances, against Real Madrid this won’t work. The Spaniards on the other side needs not more than two chances, to convert at least one of them into goals and I’m pretty sure that tonight they will have their moments, having in mind that Dortmund will attack most of the time and this will give Ronaldo and Di Maria open spaces to counter. So, value for the Real Madrid odds for me, as I think that they Spanish Champions (still, mathematically they can defend their title, so the crown is still theirs) will manage to win both matches in this semifinal tie.


Bet: Away Win@ 2.60


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