Crystal Palace vs Middlesbrough

England, Championship, 16.02.2013, 16:00h

Both teams had problems lately, but both remain in playoffs contend in spite of this.Middlesborough returned to win in finally set after digit sequent defeats, but remain without topscorer MacDonald (10g), mover Primary ( 2+2 2g) and instrument eff porblems lso in aggregation with Woodgate ( def. 18 1g) credible out and Hines ( def.15+4 1g) and Bikey ( 22 1g) unsettled. crystalvsmidlesbroughBoro is also pale in gone matches ( 18th on 24 teams) and this is an addictional disquiet, specially against a aggroup quartern situated at location, where has the prizewinning flack of Title. Hosts have no new problems, with Moritz ( striker 11+10 5g), Nimely ( mover 1+1) and Garvan ( midf. 21+3 4g) out, but they recoup jedinak ( midf. 28 2g) and likely also Author ( def.16+2).I opine that forhoem bourgeois and missings for Boro, Fortress can appearance to win, after a lot of draws but exclusive two defeats since latterly.

Bet: Home Win @ 2,15

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