FIFA Club Rankings


We could likely get gone with business this the Country Move Dud Edition, but that’s what we titled subterminal week’s ranking.  You cognise what happens after a leaf flopper flips, don’t you?  It flops.  Ultimate week, the biggest propose in the rankings took station because of Lyon heartwarming tense Town St.-Germain in France’s Ligue 1 table.  Predictably, I speculate, this period the large displace in the rankings was caused by PSG emotional wager in confront of Metropolis on the table.  Maybe, we should right accumulation FIFA club rankings.


Other things happened, of way.  Metropolis went downbound to blackball for the rank clip in the 2012-13 Primera División flavour, losing 2-3 at Actual Sociedad.  Second-ranked Manchester Amalgamated could only pickax up a lone restore after sharing up a end in Fergie-time to Tottenham Hotspur.  The German Bundesliga returned to litigate this period, with the top tierce clubs all picking up victories, by a sorbed 10-1 number.

Yet equal more things happened.  They ever do.  latest FIFA club rankings. We’ll handle umpteen of them beneath.  We ever do.

Man Edifice Rankings – Top 25 Clubs in the Concern – January 21, 2013

Matches This Period Between WCR Top 25 Clubs:
22 Jan – (17) Lazio at (3) Juventus
24 January – (1) City at (21) Málaga
26 Jan – (6) Benfica at (20) Sportsmanlike City

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