Gladbach vs Fortuna Dusseldorf

Germany, Bundesliga, 26.01.2013, 14:30h

Dusseldorf was defetaed at plate by Augsburg that had different absences in oldest roundish after winterpause. For this equal, they remain with unvarying absences of that adjust, Jens Langeneke( def. 13 2g), Ronny Garbuschewski(midf. 4+3), Nando Rafael(mover 5+5 2g), Andrej Voronin(mover 7+2), Du-Ri Cha(midf. 7+3). Guests are fifth from nethermost, time Gladbach is neighbouring European zone and raddled in terminal contend. Fortuna Düsseldorf - Borussia Mönchengladbach am 1.9..12They are now in a run of six matches without defeats and soul exclusive Stranzl ( def. 16 3g) untouchable. I think that after shown how they are inferior last week, City should be subjugated forth against one group in saintlike variant Eintrach City bonk only 2 withdraw sheets this season and on the another broadside Hoffenheim had 13 out of 18 games acquiescence 2 or much goals. Frankfurt at habitation, 88. 9 % of the games were above 2. 5goals and Hoffenheim departed had 62. 5% above 2. 5goals. Frankurt at domestic has an arresting 6-2-1 (23-15), Hoffenheim departed has 1-1-6 (10-19). Maybe we could bet Frankurt because the ratio are really groovy for the interior victory, but their flow forge is not angelical, so i judge it´s a safer bet to go over. High Confidence over 2. 5goals. 3-1 /3-2 /2-1.


Pick: Over 2,5 @ 1,70

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