Javor vs Novi Pazar

Serbia, Jelen Super League, 29.03.2014, 14:30h

Tricky match in Ivanjica where I see value in odds on the home team.
After first round in early August last year ,when Javor defeated Crvena Zvezda 4-2, no one could have thought that this would be their only victory at home until April next year. However, they are where they are. Second from bottom in the standings, in desperate fight for survival with a new coach Kuzeljevic, and with a desire to stop this unfortunate series at home. They brought experienced Kuzeljevic before match against Spartak two weeks ago, but failed to break the curse of playing at home. Nevertheless they have shown some improvement in play, which was evident in the last round against solid Cukaricki when they had no luck again. Cukaricki scored in injury time, and Javor is again left empty handed. Looking back all the way to their last victory at the end of October, we can see the amount of unfortunate circumstances that have befallen Javor, team that actually has the quality for middle part of the table. It is no coincidence that they have managed to take points out of the top two clubs in the country, and it is time that they experience a little bit of luck. They can’t rely on points in next two games against Radnicki Nis away and Partizan at home, so this match against Novi Pazar will be match of the season in some sense. Entrance to stadium near Moravica is free again, and players invited fans to come in large number, and announced that they will leave very last drop of sweat on the field. jelensuperligaOn the other hand Novi Pazar exceeds all expectations, and has all the luck in the world at the moment. From the team that came back “miraculously” in this league, and later didn’t have money for food and rooms for players, all the way to competitor for EL place. With no intention to discredit their success, but it’s funny how quickly things change in this country. However, I think they went far above their real capabilities, therefore I expect slight decline and sobering in the future. Of course, it’s good for our league that there is such a strong football city with passionate fans, but their performance away can be compared with Javor at home. Novi Pazar is classic home team, and both of their away wins came with same result 0-1, where their defense managed to resist and eventually through counterattacks arrived victory. They were outplayed in the last round but still managed to beat Vojvodina that was already with one foot in the cup game. Even their coach Njegus admitted that match could have gone the other way, but he doesn’t hide his satisfaction because team achieved unexpected three wins in a row.  These odds are totally unexpected for me, if we compare them with previous when Novi Pazar played away. This is the first time that they are favorites out of the house. I’m sure they will defend in large numbers, and Javor will attack with knife under the neck. It will be dangerous, but I believe that home team will not lose in this match. Moreover, I expect a narrow win (1-0) for Javor.


Bet: Javor DNB @ 2,30


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