Ludogorets vs Partizan

Europa Champions League – Qualification, 31.07.2013, 19:30h

Here we go, 1st bet in 2013/2014 season is going against grande Grobari. Reason? Its simple, they suck suck suuuck suuuuck. I missed (actually i late with preview) opening 2.2 as i was lazy to write preview but currently odds still have value.To make things clear, I dont know a lot about Bulgarian side but that wont be a problem here as I know Partizan very well and its enough for this call.We all were witnesses about embarassing perfomance against Armenian side Shirak. champleagueFrom that starting eleven, only defender Ivanov deserved some good words. Others? My street team would play better believe me. Central defender Ostojic, is worse than the worst defenders in Partizan’s history Rnic & Knezevic. Wings Volkov & Aksentijevic would be good Cambodia material if they would have brain. Captain Ilic is legend but for sure he cant run more than 14 minutes per game. Same as young winger Malbasic, who’s talented guy but he still is not physical ready for this season. About Jojic I wont spend words and striker Scepovic….did that guy played against Armenians at all? I know, while u reading all this words its make funny but its simple situation. When team spent around 0 (zero) euros for transfer window, u cant expect some serious results, no? Coach Rasovic is another story. Guy said after first game that game wont repeat never again and what happened? Team showed even worse perfomance. And now he”s telling us how newcomers Obradovic, Djemba Djemba and Grbic will change things. To make it clear, all 3 players are great additions to this crap team but can they help so early? 35yo defender Obradovic will take place in starting line up after just 7-8 trainings with team, Djemba Djemba got only 2 while Grbic have never played at this level. The best player & striker Mitrovic is still suspended and its big blow as Scepovic is a mug and Kojic is totally out of form. Its all about Bulgarians. If they play as tbey did so far, I have no doubt in their win. This is the worst Partizan’s team in last 10 years or more and I expect big fail here.

Bet: Home Win @ 2.10


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