Napoli vs Bologna

Italy, Coppa Italia, 19.12.2012, 21:00h

Napoli today screw virtually congested unit open and they module diversion with toughened aggroup today, they dont hump too big chances in Serie A, so their important spot is Coppa Italia. Napoli is e’er playing knockout on base object, they e’er evaluate numerous goals and opt attacking sport. Today Gamberini(df 14/1) and Dzemaili(mf 16/0) are injured, Canavaro module be likely fresh. Sausage usualy use B group in Coppa Italia, today they module do the one again. Refreshed instrument be: Agilardi(position gk 17/0), Antonsson(df 16/0), Cherubin(df 15/1), Morleo(df 14/0), Taider(mf 15/1), Pazienza(mf 11/0), strategic playmaker Diamanti(mf 15/5 , 2nd official) and offensive duo Gabbiadini(att 14/3 , 3rd official) y optimal striker Gilardino(att 16/6 top official). + second gk Lombardi(0/0), Motta(df 10/0), Natali(df 4/0), Perez(mf 9/0), Gimenez(att 2/0) and Aquafresca(att 4/0) are injured.. . So Metropolis’s trainer today gift use juniors and force .. . umteen primary injured players + all archetypal team players give be unwearied.. .flat in typical cases Napoli is modify unit than Sausage, now Napoli(ironlike team) vs Bologna(B squad) .. .
look promiscuous institution win.

Pick: Home Win @ 1,90

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