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  • Fiorentina vs Atalanta

    Italy, Serie A, 04.octobre.2015, 20:00h Fiorentina impressed everyone with...

  • Ingolstadt vs Munich 1860

    Germany, 2. Bundesliga, 02.03.2015, 20:15h Ingolstadt is not playing well at...

  • Slovenia vs. Switzerland

    Europe, Euro – Qualification, 08.10.2014, 20:45h There are some facts...

  • Ukraine vs Slovakia

    Europe, Euro – Qualification, 08.09.2014, 20:45h Well, an interesting...

  • Fidays horse racing!

    FRIDAYS RACING – Free premium bets included, 05.09.2014 Thank god it´s...

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Ludogorets vs. Dudelange

Europe, Champions League – Qualification, 16.07.2014, 19:00h The match will be played on “Ludogorets Arena” in Razgrad. The weather is rainy but the pitch is in good condition. Bulgarian Champions enter the match in good mood after beating strong opponents in their pre-sesason friendlies. On the press-conference yesterday, Stoycho Stoev(Lud’s coach) said that they will […]

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Latina vs. Cesena

Italy, Serie B – Play Offs, 18.06.2014, 20:30h We will continue with our over chasing on deciding games in Italy playoffs. This match will be very interesting, in the first match Cesena was leading 2-0 until last minutes but they have recieved a goal very late in the game and that goal could bring Latina […]

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Botosani vs Dinamo

Romania, Cup Final, 21.05.2014, 18:00h Botosani will try to get the points for the fans in last game of this season.Botosani showed excellent form in this second part of the championship.Botosani will celebrate with a win in last round the good form they have.They acomplish their task to stay in Liga 1 and they occupied […]

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Maribor vs Gorica

Slovenia, Cup Final, 21.05.2014, 17:00h Filipovic and Mendy will for sure play. Mendy could start at the bench, but he’ll probably be in starting eleven. Only real question is Suler, he probably won’t play. I expect very tight and physical match. Maribor is clearly better team but for today I honestly can see all three […]

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Velenje Rudar vs NK Krka

Slovenia, Pva Liga, 17.05.2014, 17:00h It will be hard game for both teams in Velenje. Rudar and Krka. I believe everything is possible in this game because both need points badly. Last game in Velenje finished in favor of Krka if I remember correctly, but terrain was very bad and I think it was more […]

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Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets

USA, Nba, 19.04.2014 – 18:30h In regular seazon Raptors have better win percentage and are better in scoring points,rebounds and in shooting percentage, also free throw percentage but this stage is not important now,and we also cant forget that in play offs dsifferent rules are important-most important things-this is time for stars to shine ,veteran […]

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Arsenal vs Manchester City

England, Premier League, 29.03.2014, 18:30h I just can’t take this Arsenal team serious. They are playing very good against worse teams but against the top teams they have big problems (0-6 against Chelsea, 1-0 against Tottenham, 0-0 against United, 1-5 against Liverpool, 0-0 against Chelsea and 3-6 against City to just name the last 5 […]

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Phoenix Suns vs New York Knicks

USA, Nba, 29.03.2014 – 03:00h They say it takes two to tango and if scoring is the tango, there will be a lot of tango dancing in that game tonight. Both teams come to play after having a day of rest, so fatigue should not be a big issue. More importantly, both teams like to […]

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Javor vs Novi Pazar

Serbia, Jelen Super League, 29.03.2014, 14:30h Tricky match in Ivanjica where I see value in odds on the home team. After first round in early August last year ,when Javor defeated Crvena Zvezda 4-2, no one could have thought that this would be their only victory at home until April next year. However, they are […]

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Atlanta Hawks vs Portland Trail Blazers

USA, Nba, 28.03.2014  – 00:30h Once in not so distant past the Blazers were on top of the Western Conference standings. As of now they have fallen to the dangerzone where missing the play-offs does not look all that impossible anymore. They need to pick up their level and start winning more games than they […]

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