Phoenix Suns vs New York Knicks

USA, Nba, 29.03.2014 – 03:00h

They say it takes two to tango and if scoring is the tango, there will be a lot of tango dancing in that game tonight. Both teams come to play after having a day of rest, so fatigue should not be a big issue. More importantly, both teams like to play fast tempo games, try to score from fast-breaks and in halfcourt sets like to take early shots. Portland Trail Blazers v Phoenix SunsLets look at the scores the Suns have against the teams that usually like to play high-scoring games aswell. For example in March the totals were 250 pts (vs OKC), 220 pts (@GSW), 217 pts (@LAC), 234 pts (@TOR) and 247 pts (@MIN). There are couple of exceptions in what looks to be an obvious trend 200 pts (vs LAC) and 190 pts (vs DET), but in general if the opponents like to play uptempo, open games the Suns will follow and totals end up being ridiculously high.

As for the Knicks, stopping anyone at the defensive end does not look like something they can do at the moment. So their chance is to score more than they concede. During their recent 8-game winning streak scoring a lot of points was their key to success. They scored 109 points during that run, so obviously scorinf is what they want and need to do.

Key factor here is that neither of this teams considers playing defense or slowing the tempo down. Or in other words, both teams feel confident they can score more than their opponent. That means we will see a lot of offense and not a lot defense to be played and final score going way over 200 points. Bet on over 209 points @1.98 from Pinnacle with 5/10 units.

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