Stuttgart vs Freiburg

Germany, Cup, 17.04.2013, 20:30h

An interesting Baden Wurttemberg derby, Stuttgart only left big name and history,  already a downgrading big club, but Freiburg is a rising small club, I can see Freiburg already overtake Stuttgart, become the leader of the state. Freiburg already 9 points ahead Stuttgart, only 1 point behind top 4 team Schalke, is the second best defence team in Germany Bundesliga this season, and Stuttgart already dropped to 12th place, is the 4th worst home team in the League, all statistics on Freiberg side, they also beaten Stuttgart 3:0 in first half season. StuttgartvsFreiburg I watched many many games of both teams this season, Freiburg really a much better team than Stuttgart at that moment, under amazing great coach Streich, they are improving day by day, except solid defence, also played many many beautiful co-operate organization, many players already become top class in the league, already attended by many big club, (top scorer Max Kruse confirmed will join Monchengladbach next season), and after a short low tide, they are finally get back good form, already won 3 games in row, even have chance to fight for the next season Champions League ticket. Stuttgart become a mediocre team in the league, even always has fighting heart, but they have a poor coach, Labbadia never success in history, he is always stubborn, never has particular planning and idea, always waste times and physical strength in meaningless games, their players keep hard fighting in every competitions and every games, and become tired now, and I am even can`t see they have home competition, they lost 7 of their 14 home games in Bundesliga this season. Both teams are hungry and thirsty to reach the final of course, but Freiburg is a clear better team in my eyes at that moment, odds for away team DNB or even away win really worth to take with solid stake.

Bet: Away Win @ 3,30


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