Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets

USA, Nba, 19.04.2014 – 18:30h

In regular seazon Raptors have better win percentage and are better in scoring points,rebounds and in shooting percentage, also free throw percentage but this stage is not important now,and we also cant forget that in play offs dsifferent rules are important-most important things-this is time for stars to shine ,veteran to show their skills and defence because only defence win series not only one game.

when we see at position battle:

PG Lowry,Vasquez vs Williams,Teague/Gutierrez

Williams are biggest star here and most experience player in that group in play off games,he should be most i mportant factor but Lowry is that kind of player that play best in most important games and when team most need him so this match up should be witchout advantage for any side in my opinion.When we see at bench things look simply better for Toronto because they have great bench player and court director Vasquez who can be first class first five player in most of teams in that league,he also can be great when team most need him and have balls to win games when pressure are big.Teague/Gutierrez couple are good future prospects but in that stage they should be distroyed when they match up are Vasquez. But we should remember that Livingston also can play at PG position and can help here in that case tat Raptors big advantage dont be so big. /little advantage for Raptors team

SG Ross,De Colo,Fields vs Livingston/Thornton

I see big advantage in that position for Nets. Ross are youn and great athlete but unexperience ,De Colo/Fields should dont make big role in that series at all theoreticaly.Livingston are great athlete witch his long arms and he are great defencder,Thornton are best shooter in that match up.We cant ignore fact that Joe Johnson also can play PG here but in the same way we can speak about Torontos Derrozan so: Big advantage for Nets here.

SF Jonson/Kirilenko/Anderson vs Derozan/Salmons/Novak

This should be similar quality match ups.Toronto more athletic but Nets more experienced and more balanced defensively.

PF Johnson,Patterson,Handsbrough vs Pierce/Teletovic

Definetely Toronto should win on the board here,are more athletic and physical but Nets players are better shooters here.All in all I see wery little advantage for Toronto because board is big advantage in play off games,Perce on the oder side can win every game when have good day witch his gag on tricks ofensively and veteran skills./Toronto little advantage.

C Plumlee,Blatche,Collins vs Valanciunas/Hayes

Plumlee Valanciunas should be nice match up to watch both are ath;letic,roung and hungry, also unexperience. Blatche are great skillfull player and can be x factor here,Collins are good garbage player and Hayes also but blatche definetely make the difference here./Nets advantage.

Coaches:Casey vs Kidd

Both coaches did reat jobs in regular and are reat but Casey definetely are more xperienced and Kidd on this stage learn how to react in big games so this ahould be realy strong advantage for Caseys team.


All in all 3:2 for Raptors team but this game like whole series can be really close one. But we should realize the momenthum also: This is the best time to that young but discipline players thanks to they coach for shine at they theritory and witch big fans support making first play offs aperance after long time.Also presurre should be for Nets side because after the seazon start many see Nets like contenders and Toronto team like one of worst teams,Raptors team play surprisly well and now can do another steep witchout much presurre at home crowd.Great value and I recomendet take it now because this odd can drop tomorrow.

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