Velenje Rudar vs NK Krka

Slovenia, Pva Liga, 17.05.2014, 17:00h

It will be hard game for both teams in Velenje. Rudar and Krka. I believe everything is possible in this game because both need points badly. Last game in Velenje finished in favor of Krka if I remember correctly, but terrain was very bad and I think it was more of a luck for Krka to get three points from that game. Nevertheless Krka played solid football against Rudar here in Novo mesto, they could won again.  rudarvskrkaThey were leading and Rudar received red card but Krka failed to make something of it and it ended as draw. Main problem for Krka are the last minutes of game and last minutes of half time, they are most vulnerable in those minutes, they relax too much and leave too much space open for opponents to score. Other problem for Krka is, when they lead or second team receives red card, they close their game completely and that is a big mistake! I think they are not experienced as much to have complete control of the game for 90 minutes. And they’ve been really unlucky also. But if we put this aside they also know how to show a nice football and good defense, mostly because of best goalkeeper in the league, Matko. Dojave za danas here are moments when they can be a match even for teams like Maribor, they first scored and took the lead against them in Maribor but lost in the end. At home they were very good opponent against Maribor for the first 45 minutes, then their game collapsed and they lost heavily. 4:0. As I said, they cannot completely control the whole game, not enough experience, concentration. Regarding today’s game it is hard to predict anything, we possibly cannot know which side Krka will show today. Rudar dropped in form recently and Krka coming to this game possibly with very low morale because the last game against Celje, they were leading 2:0 until the 87th minute, than Celje managed to tie the score in just 2 minutes. There were also very questionable referee decisions during the game, mostly in favor of Celje. The team was very angry and disappointed, we all were, no one was expecting something like that. It’s hard to say that they are over that and that they will be fully ready and motivated against Rudar but I hope they will be. And because I believe everything is possible today I think the most reasonable bet today is under 2,5 @1,90. Hard game and both in need of points. So if one team or another doesn’t fail completely this just might be the winning bet.  And regarding how unlucky Krka was in quite few last games maybe a unit or two on Krka win @5 has some value or at least x2 @2,35. The luck must change, I just hope sooner than later. Good luck!


Bet: X2 DOUBLE CHANCE @ 2.35


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